On Jan. 18, 2020 at 1pm Eastern Time, WHEREVER YOU ARE, join a 1-minute act of solidarity

1@1 creates actions to connect women and amplify impact in the fight for equal rights.

Our 2020 1@1 action will be on Jan. 18 at 1PM ET. For one unified minute we will:

  1. FOCUS on the vision of achieving the goal of equal rights for all women. Then,
  2. RAISE YOUR PHONE as a symbol of our connection and collective voice. Then,
  3. ACT by choosing an immediate action at 1at1.org/actnow.

1@1 2020: EACH 1, REACH 1

2020 is a crucial election year in America. Constitutionally protected equal rights have never been more important. Battles are raging everywhere against sexism, racism, environmental degradation, homophobia, ableism, faith and culture persecution, gun violence, a woman’s right to choose, a warped prison system, and other results of the gross power imbalance created by America’s patriarchal systems that continue to favor straight white Christian men. This must end now.

We can correct our country’s disastrous direction by voting for change, but we need more votes – including from those who are too discouraged, too burdened, or too suppressed to get to the polls. Each of us must multiply our impact by making it possible for at least one other person to vote.

That’s the goal of Each 1, Reach 1. Click here to act now.

1@1 is proud to partner with other organizations that fight for women’s equality, including the ERA Coalition, #VOTEPROCHOICE and MARCH ON.


1@1 began after the shocking result of the 2016 election and the subsequent announcement of the Women’s March. It became clear that many women who needed the energy of the march would be unable to attend, so we devised a way to bring the march to everyone. On Jan. 21, 2017 at 1 PM EST, 500,000+ people around the world united for the 1@1 MINUTE OF SILENCE FOR WOMEN’S EQUALITY (renamed the 1@1 MINUTE FOR WOMEN’S EQUALITY in 2019), after Gloria Steinem invited all to join from the stage of the Women’s March in DC. Another half a million people united on Jan. 20, 2018 for the second 1@1 Minute, and again a third time on Jan. 19, 2019.

In addition to these global events, 1@1 released weekly 1-minute videos featuring inspiring changemakers in the advancement of women’s equality.


The 1@1 women’s equality video project was a much-needed platform to keep the energy of the 1@1 Minute going. We believe the issues championed by women are comprehensive in scope and vital to all Americans. We delivered 1-minute videos each week from compelling activists, thought leaders, and powerhouse women. We also created community events that connected and motivated. Designed to stave off burnout and complacency, 1@1 continues to be a bite-size chunk of revolution for the overwhelmed.

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